Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Insulation Goes Up

Did I say that I was going to finish up by end of summer? I think I said that. I now, officially, formally, take it back. Consider it rescinded. It ain't gonna happen, folks. This house is quite far away from being done. The original plan did not include such extensive renovations. The new plan has included a complete gutting of the interior. It's a good thing, because the house was in need of a complete renovation. The wiring and plumbing were out of date. There was little or no insulation. The interior fixtures were worn out. The layout was inefficient. So, yeah, it won't be done by end of summer.

I'm aiming for Halloween.

Besides being another step closer to being done, the insulation really shapes the rooms and gives them shape. It makes the house look more like a house. I can start imagining how the furniture will be placed and how I will live in the space.

I like how it frames the skylight wells too.